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Epsilon School of Motoring is a driving school based in Milton Keynes which offers driving lessons for beginners and experienced drivers in Milton Keynes, Bedford, Leighton Buzzard and Northampton. Our instructors will teach you how to drive safely and confidently, handle all traffic conditions and ultimately, pass your driving test

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Why us?

4 localisations
Door to Door services
Open 7 days
Individual approach to the student
Full 1H driving lessons
Manual and automatic gearbox
Sebastian is a great instructor and teacher, patient and knowledgeable. Makes you feel confident and relaxed behind the wheel and helps you understand the road. First time pass thanks to him.
Sebastian had provided excellent lessons every single time, and he didn't give up on me once, he knows everything inside out about driving. I'm happy to say that he had helped me pass my test, and I couldn't be happier with the service that has been provided, worth every penny. Would strongly recommend him as an instructor.
I passed my driving test in first attempt with only 5 minor faults. All thanks to Eva. She is a great instructor, very professional, patient and motivating. She made every effort to ensure my lessons were productive and enjoyable, pinpointing my weakness and carefully guiding me to make improvements. Would strongly recommend!
I could not recommend Sebastian enough!! I came to him after my time with other instructors had left me confused and really quite ineffective when it came to driving. Within my first 30 minutes of driving with Seb, he was able to identify my bad habits and create a plan for our driving lessons. With the Epsilon Driving School, YOU will be behind the wheel, you won't be spending 10 hours in the same residential area and you certainly won't get lectured at for 20 minutes because you were in the wrong gear! Personally, I think I should've found Epsilon sooner, don't make the same mistake I did...
If I had to choose again my instructor definitely would be Sebastian. He is patient and he gave me confidence to drive. Great atmosphere with great teacher! Would 100% recommend
Sebastian was fantastic! I had such a great time learning to drive with him. I took a year out and he was extremely patient and knew how to tailor his teaching to my needs. There were no scenarios in the test that we hadn’t covered during our lessons. Sebastian will adapt to any times and working arrangements. Extremely friendly, motivational and encouraging. Would highly recommend! Anyone who wants to pass first time, contact Sebastian at Epsilon School of Motoring.
I can't be more happier and satisfied with the experience i have gotten. Sebastian is one of a kind. Cheerful, friendly, open to questions about the driving and general knowledge, always on time and understanding. He is committed to his pupils. You can't help but grow an attachment to his gentle personality. You always feel relaxed around him, Best instructor ever. If you got him, you are a lucky one
Sebastian is an excellent instructor. I thought I could drive as I have a licence from back home but Seb showed me that I didn’t have a clue and then taught me to drive the right way. He is very knowledgeable about driving and very patient (sorry Seb I know I wasn’t the easiest pupil). I will even take some of this experience and implement it in my job as a trainer. Thanks Seb
Fantastic experience with Seb, I had a 2 year break from learning to drive due to travelling, and Seb patiently helped me to pick it back up, teaching me new skills and really improved my driving. With constructive feedback and being asked questions during my drive, I was left feeling confident in my decisions and independent in my driving. My driving mistakes were identified and corrected through lots of targeted practice on the test routes I would take. Ironing out any issues I had, leading to a pass without many minors! Highly recommended for all driving instruction, from first time to refreshers!

What do you expect to do on your first driving lesson?


Standard Lesson

£ 35
  • One to one tuition with your instructor, pick up and drop off to the place of your choice. Manual & Automatic available.

10 Lessons Package

£ 330
  • 5x 2h lessons tailored to your individual needs. Mixture of driving and manoeuvres such as bay or parallel parking. Manual & Automatic available.

Intensive Course

£ 1299
  • 30h of driving lessons to get you prepared for your test. We will teach you all the necessary driving skills to make sure you become a confident driver. Manual & Automatic available.

Pass Plus Course

£ 239
  • 6h course that can be booked once you have passed your driving test. This time there is no exam so you can just enjoy the ride. Manual & Automatic available.

Standard Lesson - Scotland

£ 40
  • For our Scotland based learners, one to one tuition with your instructor, pick up and drop off to the place of your choice. Automatic only 

10 Lessons Package - Scotland

£ 380
  • For our Scotland based learners, 5x 2h lessons tailored to your individual needs. Mixture of driving and manoeuvres such as bay or parallel parking. Automatic only 

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