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Epsilon – School of Motoring Milton Keynes

Experienced driving instructors, friendly environment, and loads of practical knowledge- this is what you find at Epsilon School of Motoring Milton Keynes. For a few last years we have been teaching both drivers-to-be and current drivers.  It is so important to gain the knowledge about the correct driving car technics. With us you will learn everything what is necessary for you to become a good driver.

With us you will learn much more!

The UK law allows practising driving with anyone who is at least 21 years old and has held a full licence for a minimum of three years. It can be your parents or friend. It also means that there is no obligation to take lessons in a professional driving school. However, all drivers have their own driving habits so there is always a risk they would pass them to the person they teach to drive.

At Epsilon- School of Motoring in Milton Keynes we teach our students how to drive in accordance with the Highway Code. We take care of:

  • Effective teaching the Highway Code-in theory and practice

  • Gaining knowledge of using a car (including lessons about car maintenance)

  • Explaining the proper seat and steering wheel position for driving

  • Excellent preparation for the exam

  • Changing bad driving habits already learned elsewhere 

Years of experience at our School of Motoring Milton Keynes gave us reassurance that strong basic skills are of fundamental importance to driving. They make you to feel confident while driving not only during the final exam, but what is more important during the driving by yourself, once you have received the licence.

Why to choose our Driving School in Milton Keynes?

We are passionate about what we do! And, that is not another advertising slogan. This is how we feel about our job.

Learning is effective only when the way of providing information is clear and interesting.  This is why; when we prepare you to become a good driver, we make sure we teach you only adequate and appropriate skills. We do our best to keep it simple, understandable and entertaining the same time. 

The driving instructors you meet at Epsilon  School of Motoring in Milton Keynes are very professional and knowledgeable of driving rules and technics as well as teaching itself.

We do understand that the key in good teaching is an individual approach; hence we would tailor it to you and your needs.


We offer loads of different types of driving courses /lessons. They would help you to prepare yourself for the exam or, when needed, boost your driving skills to feel more confident on the road.

At our Driving School  in Milton Keynes we offer:

We offer everything you would need to become a good driver. You can learn from the beginning or you can get some lessons to improve your skills. You can choose between manual and automatic gearbox, between mornings, afternoon, or evening lessons, weekdays or weekends lessons. Our goal is to meet your expectations and help you to go smoothly through the learning process.

Epsilon School of Motoring in Milton Keynes- do the lessons take place only in Milton Keynes?

No! You don’t need to be from Milton Keynes to book our lessons. We offer:

Would you like to know more about our instructors? Please meet them!

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