Driving instructor


Former LGV driver, who spent over 10 years behind the big truck’s wheel. One day he decided to change the path of his career and became a driving instructor. He believed that the experience he gained while driving loads of miles every day would help him to teach others how to drive their cars. After the proper training and exams he became qualified driving instructor who would go extra miles to make sure all his students are ready for exams and for the driving by themselves after that. He believes that with the correct approach everyone can learn how to drive.


I can do it’ attitude is what he wants all his students to start with as everything else can be taught. He believes that with the patience he can achieve his goal which is not only teaching people how to drive, but also making them feel confident on the road while they drive by themselves.

That is the biggest reward he gets from his job.



After years of working in a finances sector I was introduced to the idea of becoming a driving instructor. Next day I handled my resignation letter and here I am! Happy at work as never before! Meeting fantastic people and watching them to stepping into a new chapter of their lives, becoming more independent. Dealing with every day challenges which this job is full of,becomes my second nature, so if you think the driving thing is not for you, I can assure you that this is not true as you can do more than you think.

When I am not a driving instructor, I’m spending my time into the wild with a good book.


Trained engineer and former bus driver, I decided to make the move to become a Driving instructor. It was a great move and I really enjoy the challenge of teaching people to drive. My approach is simple, enjoy the lesson… I am very laid back, never shouty and never give up trying different approaches to help students understand. Working with Sebastian and Eva is great as I believe that we have a similar styles of teaching (although I’m the pretty one). Everyone passes eventually and so being patient and supportive to my students is very important to me. On another note, I am an international 8 ball pool player and travel around the world playing for Ireland and I do enjoy singing (don’t worry, not on lessons). 

Motto: Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.

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