Driving Lessons in Leighton Buzzard

The Rural and Urban Crossover

The Leighton Buzzard Driving Test Centre is situated close to both rural and urban roads so both road types are highly likely during your driving test. Rural roads are often difficult for novice drivers due to the poorly maintained, single lane roads and harsh bends; mix in the congestion of urban roads and the added pressures of driving in a busy town and you could be in for a challenging drive around Leighton Buzzard area!

Right Turn Driving Academy, based in Milton Keynes, will teach you how to drive safely and confidently on all road types in Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas. Learner and experienced drivers will be taught rood observational skills and the ability to switch between speeds smoothly for the variable speed limits and meeting oncoming traffic. Their driving lessons will encourage them to become comfortable with the challenging roads around Leighton Buzzard and overcome any nervousness associated with rural or urban driving.

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Epsilon School of Motoring - Driving Lessons in Leighton Buzzard

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